Glad you showed up

A long time back, someone asked me what I thought of the internet.

I said I loved it, because for the first time in history, anyone, rich or poor, top of the heap or down low or anywhere in between, can have their own soap box in their own little corner of Hyde Park.

We can all clamber up on that soap box and have our say out loud, whether it’s selling a product, (like me with my books), or simply having our say, (like me again, with Observation Point).

We can all toss our two bobs worth into this vast, shambolic ocean of ideas and take our chances.

When you come right down to it – how cool is that?

So, as I said at the get go, I’m glad you showed up at my little soap box.

You can click either of the book covers to find out more about them, or you can go to Observation Point, (up there on the menu), to read what this particular ex-corporate, ex-military has to say about life, the universe and just plain stuff. Although I should warn you that there’s a fair bit of political pot stirring in there and I’m something of an unreconstructed Leftie. I think it comes with age.

Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you, and I’d love to hear from you.